Why Do Volleyball Players Wipe Their Shoes? Find Out Here

In the exciting world of volleyball, players often engage in a unique and intriguing ritual – wiping their shoes. You may wonder why these athletes take a moment to clean their footwear during intense matches.

Well, fear not, for we will unravel this mystery and discover the fascinating reasons behind this practice. From enhancing traction on the court to maintaining safety and performance, wiping shoes in volleyball holds a key role that truly showcases the dedication and precision of these talented players.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of volleyball and discover the secrets behind this seemingly simple yet essential aspect of the game!

Why Do Volleyball Players Wipe Their Shoes?

1. To Keep Them Clean

Volleyball players take the time to wipe their shoes clean to maintain a smooth playing experience. The court’s surface can quickly accumulate dirt and sand, hindering the ball’s movement.

By keeping their shoes clean, players prevent the ball from sticking to their feet and ensure better traction during the game. It also helps to remove sweat and oils that could cause dirt and stains to build up over time while preventing the growth of bacteria that might lead to odour problems.

Players use a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning and sometimes a brush, depending on the shoe type.

2. To Remove Debris

Cleaning shoes after each volleyball session is crucial to removing debris accumulating during play. Using a damp cloth or water bottle to rinse off sneakers helps prevent debris buildup.

Drying the shoes completely before storing them is essential to avoid bacterial growth. Having a towel on hand during the game can aid in quick and easy cleaning in case of any accidents on the court.

3. To Keep The Court Clean

Wiping their feet after each play keeps volleyball players’ shoes clean and contributes to maintaining a clean court. By wiping off excess dirt and debris, players avoid tracking it across the surface, which could affect gameplay.

To effectively keep the court clean, players should wet their feet with water before wiping them, apply pressure during wiping, and repeat the steps until all residue is removed. After cleaning, ensuring the foot is dry before putting on the shoe helps keep the court pristine.

4. To Prevent Injury

Wiping shoes clean before each game is crucial in preventing injuries during play. When the ball hits the ground, it can create dust and debris that may cause harm if not swiftly removed.

Cleaning shoes remove dirt, grit, and other debris that could cause damage when kicked or hit on the ground. Moreover, preventing debris from getting caught in a player’s foot or between their toes reduces the risk of injuries.

A thorough cleaning with a clean cloth and water, followed by complete drying, ensures that feet are debris-free and minimises injury risks while playing volleyball.

5. Enhancing Performance and Traction

Clean shoes contribute to better performance on the volleyball court. When shoes are free from dirt and debris, players can move more smoothly and confidently, allowing them to react quickly to the game’s demands.

Improved traction helps players change direction and easily make explosive movements, ultimately enhancing their overall gameplay.

6. Preventing Injuries and Slips

Keeping shoes clean is essential for preventing injuries and slips during matches. Dirt, sand, and moisture on the court can create hazardous conditions, increasing the risk of players slipping and getting hurt.

By wiping their shoes clean, athletes significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and ensure a safer playing environment for everyone involved.

7. Extending Shoe Lifespan

Regularly cleaning volleyball shoes can extend their lifespan. Removing dirt and sweat buildup helps preserve the shoe’s material, preventing premature wear and tear.

With proper maintenance, players can get more mileage from their favourite shoes, allowing them to focus on the game rather than worrying about their footwear’s condition.

8. Setting a Positive Example

Volleyball players who take the time to clean their shoes set a positive example for their teammates and aspiring athletes. This act of discipline and attention to detail shows dedication to the sport and a strong sense of sportsmanship.

It fosters a culture of cleanliness and responsibility among players, promoting a more enjoyable and respectful volleyball community.

Why do volleyball players touch their shoes?

Volleyball players touch their shoes to show sportsmanship and respect for their opponents and teammates. It is a common practice before and after matches.

By touching their shoes, players demonstrate humility and acknowledge the efforts of their opponents. It also symbolises teamwork and camaraderie among teammates.

This simple gesture reflects the spirit of fair play and encourages good sportsmanship on and off the court. It’s a way for players to say, “Good game,” and to show appreciation for the competition and the opportunity to play together.

Ultimately, touching their shoes is a small yet meaningful tradition that fosters a positive and respectful volleyball community.

How Does Wiping Your Shoes Help With Grip?

Wiping your shoes helps with grip by removing dust, dirt, and moisture from the sole, enhancing the shoe’s contact with the playing surface. Dust and debris can create a slippery layer between the shoe and the court, reducing traction and grip.

By wiping the shoes clean, players ensure that the sole maintains direct contact with the surface, improving their ability to grip and make quick movements. This increased grip gives players better control over their footwork, making it easier to change direction, jump, and land safely.

Ultimately, clean shoes provide the necessary traction for players to perform at their best and excel in volleyball.

How Often Do You Replace Volleyball Shoes?

The frequency of replacing volleyball shoes depends on several factors, including how often they are used, the intensity of play, and the overall condition of the shoes. As a general guideline, volleyball shoes should be replaced every 6 to 12 months for regular players.

If you play volleyball more frequently or notice significant wear and tear, replacement might be needed sooner. Signs that it’s time for new shoes include worn-out treads, decreased traction, visible cracks, or loss of cushioning.

Wearing shoes beyond their lifespan can lead to discomfort, decreased performance, and a higher risk of injury. Regularly inspect your volleyball shoes and consider replacing them if you notice any signs of wear or if they no longer provide the necessary support and grip for safe and effective play.

Do Volleyball Shoes Work?

Yes, volleyball shoes are designed to work effectively for the sport. They provide specific features like enhanced traction, cushioning, and support that cater to volleyball’s unique movements and demands.

These specialised shoes help players move confidently, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve overall performance on the court.

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers

Volleyball players often tape their fingers for several reasons. One primary reason is to prevent painful blisters caused by gripping the volleyball tightly during play. Taping reduces friction and protects the skin from developing blisters.

Additionally, taping supports weak or injured fingers, preventing further harm during intense matches. Some players also find that taping creates a more comfortable and secure fit for their fingers.

This practice is common in various sports to enhance strength and protect against injuries. For volleyball players, buddy taping is a technique where two fingers are taped together to provide better support for sprained or jammed fingers, reducing the risk of more severe injuries.

Why Do Volleyball Players Tap The Floor

Volleyball players have various reasons for tapping the floor. One common purpose is to signal their teammates that they are about to serve the ball. It serves as a communication method to coordinate their actions on the court.

Tapping the floor also helps players concentrate and mentally prepare themselves for the serve. It’s like a little ritual to get into the right mindset for the upcoming play.

Moreover, some players believe tapping the floor before serving gives them extra power and confidence, helping them deliver a more forceful and effective service.

Overall, it’s a simple yet meaningful practice that contributes to teamwork and individual performance in volleyball.


Why do athletes wipe the bottom of their shoes?

Athletes wipe the bottom of their shoes to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can affect their performance. A clean shoe sole enhances traction and grip, allowing them to move more confidently and perform best during sports activities.

Why do people wipe the volleyball court?

People wipe the volleyball court to keep it clean and maintain a safe playing environment. Wiping the court helps remove dust, sweat, and excess moisture, which can cause players to slip or lose balance during the game.

Why do volleyball players wear volleyball shoes?

Volleyball players wear volleyball shoes because they are specially designed for the sport. These shoes offer superior traction, cushioning, and support, optimised for the quick movements, jumps, and lateral changes required in volleyball.

Is there anything special about volleyball shoes?

Yes, volleyball shoes are designed with specific features to enhance performance and safety on the court. They have gum rubber soles for better traction, lightweight materials for agility, and shock-absorbing cushioning to reduce impact during jumps and landings.

Are high tops or low tops better for volleyball?

High and low tops can work well for volleyball, but it mostly depends on individual preference and playing style. High tops provide better ankle support, while low tops offer more agility and freedom of movement. Players should choose the type that feels comfortable and suits their needs.

Why can’t you wear volleyball shoes outside?

Volleyball shoes are designed for indoor use on clean, smooth courts. Using them outside can damage the specialised sole and reduce their effectiveness. Outdoor surfaces, like concrete or asphalt, can wear down the shoe’s traction and cushioning, making them less suitable for volleyball demands.


The practice of volleyball players wiping their shoes holds multiple essential benefits. Cleaning their shoes ensures a smooth playing experience by enhancing traction and grip on the court, preventing slips and injuries.

It also helps maintain a clean playing environment, benefiting the players and the game. Volleyball shoes support players’ performance, providing specialised features that cater to the sport’s unique demands.

From preventing blisters to supporting weak fingers, taping also significantly enhances player comfort and safety. These simple yet effective practices showcase the dedication and precision of volleyball players, contributing to a thriving and positive volleyball community.