How To Uncrease Shoes ? Best Guide

Are your favourite pair of shoes suffering from unsightly creases? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Learning how to uncrease shoes is a simple and effective way to restore their original shape and keep them looking fresh.

Creases often occur due to regular wear, bending, or folding, but there’s no need to panic. In this guide, we’ll walk you through easy steps to eliminate those stubborn creases and revive your beloved footwear.

From using everyday household items to specialized techniques, you’ll discover a range of methods to suit different shoe materials and styles. Say goodbye to creases and hello to a revitalized shoe collection by following these straightforward tips.

Let’s dive in and rescue your shoes from the clutches of creases!

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How To Uncrease Shoes Step By Step Guide

1: Gather your supplies

To uncrease your shoes, you’ll need a few simple supplies. Grab a clean cloth or towel, a hairdryer, some socks or newspapers, and a shoe tree (if available). These items will come in handy during the uncreasing process.

2: Stuff your shoes

Take a clean pair of socks or a crumpled newspaper and stuff them into the shoes. This will help maintain the shoe’s shape and provide support while you work on removing the creases.

3: Heat the creased areas

Using a hairdryer set to medium heat, gently heat the creased areas of your shoes. Keep the hairdryer moving back and forth to avoid concentrating the heat in one spot. The heat will soften the shoe material, making it more pliable and easier to work with.

4: Massage and reshape

Once the creased areas are warmed up, use your fingers or the cloth to massage and reshape the shoe. Gently work the material back and forth, pushing outwards from the creases. Apply light pressure and continue massaging until the creases start to diminish.

5: Cool and set the shape

After massaging and reshaping, allow the shoes to cool down naturally. You can speed up the process by using a cool shot setting on your hairdryer. Cooling helps the shoe material to retain its new shape.

6: Remove the stuffing

Once the shoes have cooled down completely, remove the socks or newspapers from inside. This will reveal the restored shape of your shoes.

7: Use a shoe tree (optional)

Consider using a shoe tree for further maintenance and to prevent future creasing. A shoe tree is a device that helps retain the shoe’s shape when it’s not being worn. Insert the shoe tree into your shoes when they’re not in use, and it will help minimize the occurrence of creases.

How To Uncrease Shoes Without Iron ?

To uncrease shoes without an iron, you can try the following methods:

  • Stuff your shoes: Fill your shoes with socks or crumpled newspaper to help restore their shape. This will push out the creases from the inside.
  • Use hot water: Dip a clean cloth in hot water (not boiling) and wring out the excess moisture. Place the damp cloth over the creased areas of your shoes. As the cloth cools down, it will create steam, which can relax the material and make it easier to reshape.
  • Blow-dry technique: Grab a hairdryer and set it to medium heat. Hold the hairdryer a few inches away from the creased areas and move it around in a circular motion. The warm air will soften the material, allowing you to massage and reshape the shoes with your hands.
  • Apply a leather conditioner: For leather shoes, you can use a leather conditioner to soften the creased areas. Follow the product instructions and gently massage the conditioner into the leather. Then, use your hands to reshape the shoes.

Remember to be gentle and patient throughout the process to avoid damaging your shoes. With these simple techniques, you can eliminate creases and bring back the pristine look of your favorite footwear!

How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes ?

How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes ?

If your leather shoes have fallen victim to unsightly creases, don’t fret! Removing creases from leather shoes is a manageable task that can restore their elegant appearance.

Here’s a simple and effective method to help you out. First, stuff your shoes with socks or crumpled newspaper to fill them and maintain their shape.

Next, using a hairdryer set on medium heat, warm up the creased areas by moving the dryer in a circular motion a few inches away from the leather. Once the leather becomes more pliable, use your fingers or a clean cloth to massage and reshape the shoe, applying gentle pressure to smooth out the creases.

Allow the shoes to cool down naturally, and voila! Your leather shoes will regain their sleek and unblemished charm. Remember to be gentle and patient throughout the process to protect the leather and enjoy your revitalized footwear.


Is there a way to uncrease shoes?

Yes, there are several methods to uncrease shoes, including using heat, stuffing them, and massaging the creased areas.

How do you uncrease shoes at home?

To uncrease shoes at home, you can try using techniques like stuffing them, applying heat with a hairdryer, or using specialized shoe products.

What is the best way to uncrease shoes?

The best way to uncrease shoes depends on the material. For example, using heat and massaging the creases is effective for leather shoes, while stuffing and heat can work for sneakers.

How do I uncrease my Jordans?

You can uncrease Jordans by stuffing them, applying heat with a hairdryer, and gently massaging the creased areas until the material becomes more pliable.

Can you fix creases on sneakers?

Yes, you can fix creases on sneakers by using methods like stuffing, heat application, or using products specifically designed to remove or minimize creases.


Learning how to uncrease shoes is a valuable skill that can help you restore the original shape and appearance of your footwear. Whether you have leather shoes, sneakers, or even Jordans, there are various methods you can try at home.

From using heat and massaging the creases to stuffing the shoes to maintain their shape, these techniques can work wonders. By taking a little time and care, you can bid farewell to those stubborn creases and enjoy your shoes looking fresh and revitalized once again.

So don’t let creases dampen your shoe game—take action and bring back the smooth and polished look to your beloved footwear.