New Balance More v4 Shoe Review 2023 | Self Tested

The highly anticipated New Balance More v4 running shoe has arrived for 2023, bringing major updates that dramatically improve the rider experience. As a top-tier max cushion trainer, the More v4 features a complete revamp including a tall stack of plush Fresh Foam X, an accommodating engineered mesh upper, and a wider platform for enhanced stability.

In this hands-on review, I’ll share my in-depth testing results after taking the More v4 out for over 50 miles.

I’ll discuss how the revamped midsole delivers an ultra-soft and energetic ride, how the spacious upper provides a comfortable fit, and how the More v4 performs for high-mileage training runs. Read on for the full scoop from my personal experience running in the updated New Balance More v4.

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New Balance More v4 Shoe Quick Review

Midsole/Cushioning Features a full-length Fresh Foam X midsole with a stack height of 40mm for maximum cushioning
Provides a soft, bouncy ride with some responsiveness on toe-off
The wide platform gives the shoe a very stable base
Delivers a smooth, consistent ride for many miles
OutsoleFull rubber outsole with some exposed foam offers durability
Wide platform gives the shoe a very stable base
Holds up well for 700+ miles based on tester experience
Versatile enough for gravel or dirt roads
UpperSpacious, roomy toe box allows toes to relax on long runs
Medium volume fit works for most foot shapes
May need runner’s loop or heel lock lacing for optimal lockdown
The wide platform gives the shoe a very stable base
Performance & ComparisonsExcels at daily moderate-paced training and recovery runs
Cushioning allows taking on high-mile long runs
More fun and energetic than the Bondi but still very cushioned
More cushion and protection than 1080 but less snappy
A seamless interior helps prevent irritation on long miles

The Midsole

The Midsole

The heart of any max cushion shoe lies in its midsole, and the More V4 doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a generous stack of New Balance’s Fresh Foam X compound, this shoe provides a soft and plush underfoot feel. The initial step-in sensation is one of compression, followed by a responsive bounce during toe-off. While it offers a propulsive feel, it’s not a speed demon; instead, it excels at providing efficiency during slower to moderate efforts.

Outsole and Durability

Outsole and Durability

The outsole of the More V4 combines a substantial amount of rubber with some exposed EVA. From a durability perspective, it impressively holds up well even after extended use. The broad base of the shoe contributes to its stability, ensuring you stay steady on your feet, even during tight turns. While not designed for trail running, it handles gravel and fire roads admirably, showcasing its versatility.

The Upper

The Upper

Moving to the upper, the More V4 surprises with its spaciousness. It offers a roomy toe box and effective midfoot lockdown. Achieving a secure fit might require some customization, like using a runner’s loop for heel lock, but once dialled in, it delivers a seamless and comfortable fit. The roominess in the toe box is a significant advantage, especially during long, easy runs, where comfort and irritation prevention are essential.


  • Hoka One One Bondi: The Bondi is a close comparison, offering a similar max cushion experience. However, the More V4 sets itself apart with a smoother and bouncier ride, making it a more enjoyable option for many runners.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080: The More V4 surpasses the 1080 in terms of protection, making it a better choice for those looking to tackle longer distances comfortably.
  • New Balance Super Comp Trainer: The Super Comp Trainer leans more towards a performance and recovery shoe with its carbon plate and fuel cell foam. If you want a more comfort-focused daily trainer, the More V4 is the way to go.


  • Very plush and soft cushioning from 40mm Fresh Foam X midsole
  • Provides a smooth, stable ride for easy-paced runs
  • Enough responsiveness for a lively, energetic feel
  • Roomy toe box allows feet to relax on long miles
  • Durable outsole holds up for 700+ miles
  • The wide base offers excellent stability
  • Works well for recovery days and high mileage
  • More fun than Bondi; more cushioned than 1080


  • The midsole lacks pop for faster paces
  • Not as speedy as carbon-plated shoes
  • May need aftermarket insole for some runners
  • Can feel a bit loose in the heel for some
  • Premium price point
  • Not ideal for speedwork or fast training
  • Lack of trail lugs limit off-road use

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What does v4 mean in New Balance shoes?

The v4 refers to the 4th version of that particular New Balance shoe model. For example, the Fresh Foam More v4 is the 4th iteration of the More running shoe.

Are New Balance v4 true to size?

Yes, most reviewers find the New Balance v4 models fit true to size. However, some report the toe box runs slightly long. Trying on in-store is recommended.

Are New Balance shoes high quality?

New Balance is known for making high-quality, durable shoes, especially for runners. Many of their shoes can last 500-600 miles. They use quality materials like Fresh Foam in their midsoles.

How much does the New Balance v4 weigh?

The men’s New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 weighs approximately 10.2 oz while the women’s weighs around 8.6 oz based on a women’s size 8. It’s a fairly lightweight max-cushioned shoe.


More V4 is an excellent option in the max-cushion shoe category that provides a uniquely soft and enjoyable ride. The ample Fresh Foam X midsole delivers plush comfort that can go the distance while retaining some bounce in your step.

This is a shoe that excels at moderate-pace training, long runs, and recovery days when you want enough cushioning to keep your legs from getting beat up.

An accommodating upper and comprehensive platform adds to the overall package. While not the speediest, for runners focused on cushion, comfort, and high mileage rather than pace, the More V4 delivers an experience that makes you want to keep racking up more miles.

If you are in the market for a well-cushioned workhorse trainer that can handle the long haul in comfort, give the updated New Balance More V4 strong consideration.