New Balance Coco CG1 Performance Review From The Inside Out

In the world of sports, whether you’re a tennis player, a basketball enthusiast, a volleyball pro, or even a pickleball aficionado, the importance of the right footwear cannot be underestimated. This is where the New Balance Coco CG1 steps in to make its mark.

Let’s dive into a comprehensive performance review of this unique hybrid sneaker that caters to a variety of court-based activities.

The Signature Sneaker with a Versatile Edge

The Signature Sneaker with a Versatile Edge

The New Balance Coco CG1 stands out as a true gem in the world of athletic footwear. Unlike many other tennis-specific shoes available in the market, the CG1 breaks the mould by offering a signature sneaker for tennis player Coco Gauff that seamlessly blends influences from various sports.

This versatile approach caters to athletes who engage in multiple court-based activities without compromising on performance or comfort.

Crafted for Ultimate Lockdown

Crafted for Ultimate Lockdown

Starting with the upper construction, the CG1 exhibits exceptional craftsmanship that defies initial expectations. Its synthetic leather reinforcements, encircling the shoe, provide both durability and lockdown.

These reinforced leather panels are meticulously stitched to secure the heel area. Additionally, an elastic wrap beneath the lace line further enhances the snug fit.

The innovative fit weave light, constituting the base layer of the uppers, is a dense TPU-based weave that strikes the perfect balance between lockdown and flexibility.

Mid-Top Design for Enhanced Agility

One of the standout features of the CG1 is its mid-top design. While tennis shoes have typically veered away from mid-top constructions due to concerns about flexibility, the CG1 challenges this notion.

This bold design choice, considering Coco Gauff’s aggressive playing style, provides the needed ankle support without compromising on freedom of movement.

Unveiling the Midsole Engineering

Unveiling the Midsole Engineering

The midsole of the CG1 reveals New Balance’s commitment to performance. The shoe incorporates a dual-density fuel cell foam system.

Under the heel, a denser fuel cell foam provides stability, while the forefoot area features a rubberized, more responsive fuel cell foam. This combination creates a dynamic platform that offers both cushioning and energy return, enhancing on-court performance.

Power of the Carbon Fiber Shank

The CG1 boasts a carbon fibre shank that extends from the midfoot to the forefoot. This shank not only adds structural integrity but also introduces a springboard effect under the midfoot, promoting powerful movements during serves and quick direction changes.

Mastering Traction and Control

The outsole of the CG1 reveals an intriguing tread pattern that prioritizes lateral movements and aggressive play. Horizontal grooves dominate the outsole, aiding in sliding during quick changes of direction.

The grip becomes more assertive when pressure is applied, offering exceptional control during turns and stops. The unique tread design also contributes to an impressive shuttle test performance, making the CG1 an ideal choice for rapid movements and pivots.

Tailored Fit for Different Athletes

Tailored Fit for Different Athletes

When it comes to fit, the CG1 caters to a variety of foot types. Its flared shape might suggest a narrower fit, but the shoe’s generous dimensions make it suitable for a range of foot widths.

While athletes with narrower feet might opt for a half-size down, those with wider feet can enjoy a performance fit by sticking to their usual size or even sizing up in some cases.

Ideal for Various Court-Based Activities

The CG1’s versatile design lends itself well to a variety of court-based activities beyond tennis. For basketball players, the shoe’s combination of containment, responsiveness, and traction makes it an excellent choice for fast-paced indoor play.

In pickleball and volleyball, where quick lateral movements are key, the CG1’s agility and grip shine through. This adaptability across sports positions the CG1 as a true hybrid sneaker, bridging the gap between specialized athletic footwear.


  1. Versatile Performance: The CG1 is designed for multiple court-based activities, making it an ideal choice for athletes who engage in tennis, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and more.
  2. Signature Sneaker: As a signature sneaker for tennis player Coco Gauff, the CG1 embodies her dynamic playing style and offers a unique blend of influences from various sports.
  3. Lockdown and Fit: The shoe’s synthetic leather reinforcements, elastic wrap, and fit weave light combine to provide exceptional lockdown and a snug fit, ensuring stability during intense movements.
  4. Mid-Top Design: The mid-top construction provides ankle support without compromising on agility, challenging the convention of mid-tops and offering a balance between protection and freedom of movement.
  5. Responsive Midsole: The dual-density fuel cell foam midsole, coupled with a carbon fiber shank, offers cushioning and energy return, enhancing overall on-court performance and agility.
  6. Dynamic Traction: The unique tread pattern excels in lateral movements and pivots, providing excellent control and confidence during quick direction changes.
  7. Adaptable Fit: The CG1 accommodates a range of foot widths, making it suitable for various athletes, from those with narrower feet to those needing a bit more room.


  1. Initial Break-In: Some users may experience a period of breaking in, particularly in the fit weave light area, where bending and snapping may occur during the initial wear.
  2. Not Ideal for Plushness: While the CG1 offers cushioning, it may not provide the plushness that athletes seeking maximum comfort might prefer.
  3. Limited Availability: The CG1 may be difficult to find due to high demand and limited availability, as demonstrated by its immediate sell-out during events like the US Open.
  4. Heel Pain Consideration: The CG1’s midsole includes a denser foam under the heel, which might not be the best choice for individuals with existing heel pain.
  5. Narrower Focus: While the CG1 is versatile, it may not be the absolute best option for athletes who specialize solely in one sport, such as tennis or basketball, where sport-specific shoes are available.
  6. Potentially Overkill: For athletes engaged in only one specific sport, the hybrid nature of the CG1 might offer more features and versatility than needed.
  7. Rubber Durability: The dyed rubber on the outsole may show signs of wear faster than the clear rubber, particularly for aggressive sliders during specific movements.

New Balance Juniors` Coco CG1 Tennis Shoes Blue and Green

  • Rubber sole
  • The New Balance Juniors` Coco Cg1 Tennis Shoes, Blue And Green


In a world where athletes often engage in multiple court-based activities, the New Balance Coco CG1 emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Its thoughtful design seamlessly combines influences from various sports, offering exceptional performance, lockdown, and agility.

The mid-top design challenges conventions, while the innovative midsole construction provides a blend of cushioning and responsiveness. With its unique outsole tread pattern, the CG1 excels in lateral movements and pivots, enhancing control and confidence on the court.

Whether you’re a tennis player seeking ankle support, a basketball enthusiast craving agility, or a pickleball and volleyball player focused on quick movements, the New Balance Coco CG1 caters to your needs. Embrace the versatility of a true hybrid sneaker and elevate your performance across a spectrum of court-based activities.


1. Can I use the New Balance Coco CG1 for basketball?

Absolutely! The CG1’s blend of containment, agility, and responsiveness makes it suitable for indoor basketball play, providing the necessary support for quick movements and changes of direction.

2. Does the CG1 offer ankle support for tennis players?

Yes, the mid-top design of the CG1 provides ankle support without sacrificing freedom of movement. It’s designed to cater to the aggressive playing style of tennis players.

3. How does the CG1 perform in terms of traction?

The CG1 features a unique tread pattern that excels in lateral movements and pivots. The outsole’s grip adapts to the direction of movement, offering exceptional control and confidence on the court.

4. Is the CG1 suitable for pickleball and volleyball?

Absolutely. The CG1’s agility, grip, and lateral movement performance make it an excellent choice for sports like pickleball and volleyball, where quick changes of direction are crucial.

5. What makes the CG1 a true hybrid sneaker?

The CG1 is designed to cater to various court-based activities, making it a versatile option for athletes engaged in multiple sports. Its performance-focused features and adaptable design set it apart as a true hybrid sneaker.