How To Make a Shoe Smaller? Your Ultimate Guide

Do you find yourself in the frequent dilemma of wanting to wear a pair of shoes that are slightly too big? You’re not alone! This is an incredibly common problem, and while it might feel like there’s no easy solution, have no fear there are actually a few different How To Make a Shoe Smaller? without having to buy a new pair.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best methods for making your shoes fit better by altering their size or structure so that they will be more comfortable on your feet. Let’s get started!

Can I Make Shoes Smaller that are too big?

Yes, you absolutely can! There are several easy ways to make shoes fit better if they’re too big, including changing the structure of your shoes by adding padding or making them smaller with a shoe stretcher.

Top Ways To Make a Shoe Smaller (How To Make a Shoe Smaller?)

1. Replace your Insoles

One of the easiest ways to make shoes smaller is to replace your current insoles with thinner ones. This can help reduce the overall volume inside your shoes and make them fit more comfortably.

2. Shrink Your Shoes Into Water

Another easy method for making your shoes smaller is to soak them in water. Simply put your shoes into a bucket or tub of warm water and allow them to sit until they become slightly smaller. You can then remove the shoes and allow them to dry completely before wearing them.

3. Stack up your socks

Stacking up your socks can also be a useful way to make your shoes smaller. Simply put on multiple pairs of socks, and you will find that they help reduce the amount of extra space inside your shoes.

4. Stitch the Elastic Band Right Inside Your Shoe

If you have a spare elastic band, you can also try stitching it directly inside your shoe to help tighten it and make it smaller. This is an easy way to customize the fit of your shoes, depending on how much extra space is present.

5. Use a Shoe Stretcher

If you have an old pair of shoes that you love but are just too big, consider using a shoe stretcher to make them smaller. This simple tool can help manually stretch your shoes and reshape them so that they will fit better on your feet.

6. Use foot pads or other inserts

Another option for making your shoes smaller is to use specialized foot pads or other inserts. These can help reduce the amount of space inside your shoes, helping create a more comfortable fit overall.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to consult with a professional if you are unsure about how best to make your shoes fit properly!

7. Heel Liners for Shoes

Use heel liners these are specially designed inserts that can be placed inside your shoes to reduce the amount of space inside.

8. Ball cushions for bounce

Another tool you can use to make your shoes smaller is ball cushions. These are small inserts that help cushion and support your feet, making your shoes more comfortable and alleviating pressure on the toes or heels.

9. Toe inserts not toilet paper

Toe inserts are another option for making your shoes smaller. These are specially designed inserts that can be placed inside the toe box of your shoes to provide additional support and cushioning, reducing discomfort and pressure on your feet.

10. Bring your Shoes to one Professional Cobbler

If you have tried all of these methods and your shoes still feel too big, you may want to consider bringing them to a professional cobbler. They can help modify and alter your shoes, customizing the fit for a more comfortable experience.


How do I shrink my shoes into water manually?

There are two main methods for shrinking your shoes into water. One option is to fill a bucket or tub with warm water and allow your shoes to soak for several hours.

I have tried all of these methods, but my shoes still feel too big. What should I do?

If your shoes still don’t fit properly after trying the different methods listed above, you may want to consider bringing them to a professional cobbler.

What is the easiest way to wear tight shoes?

There are many different methods for wearing tight shoes, such as replacing your insoles with thinner ones, soaking your shoes in water, stacking up your socks, stitching an elastic band inside your shoe, using a shoe stretcher or foot pads or inserts, using heel liners and ball cushions, using toe inserts instead of toilet paper, and consulting a professional cobbler for help.


Whether your shoes are too big, too small, or simply ill-fitting, there are a variety of tools and methods that you can use to make them more comfortable.

These include things like soaking your shoes in water, using heel liners or ball cushions, installing toe inserts or foot pads, and consulting with a cobbler for help.

No matter what your situation, there is a solution that can help you achieve the perfect-fitting shoes for your needs!